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Are You a Bully Boss?

First few Article Sentences

Healthcare is an important field. Whether the services are provided in hospitals, clinics, primary care centers, nursing homes, or home healthcare, they are broadly assumed to be based on compassionate care.

Businesses, including healthcare, have followed a model of managing, measuring, and expanding financial capital as the method for increasing profitability. This model puts high pressure on the leaders which, in turn, pressures employees and destroys trust. High control and pressure that focuses primarily on the numbers limits and suppresses the full capacity of frontline service providers-doctors, nurses, therapists, administrative people, and everyone involved. And, unknowingly, treating people like numbers does not actually improve the companies’ profits. People under duress cannot perform well.

Beal, M.Ed., Danna


Danna Beal, M.Ed.

Workplace Environment

November 7, 2023

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