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Blameless Disconnect by SCOTUS

First few Article Sentences

Aristophanes presented a story in classical antiquity about the original human, complete with four arms, four legs and a double-faced head. Fearing this strength in humanity, Zeus split in half those from whom he sought tribute, forcing an epic disconnect that still remains. This is the foundation upon which our divided modern society was built, existing in isolation while longing for a primordial connection.

This Olympian template and the fundamental beliefs institutionalized through myriad religions over thousands of years fail to accommodate the necessary rule of law governing some 7.95 billion sentient beings on planet Earth, and specifically the 330 million people in the United States. Society misplaced its moral compass so long ago that not only is society lost along the way, but it forget from where it came. Splintered at its core, this nation must sometimes accept the rule of law as its spiritual solution, which in turn blurs the lines between Church and State, which in turn further erodes the lost art of communication. This only deepens the divide.

Garner, Craig B.


Garner Health Law Corporation

Supreme Court

July 12, 2022

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