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Uplifting Yourself and Others During Tumultuous Times

First few Article Sentences

After over a year and half of a pandemic, I don’t need to cite data to validate that this has been an incredibly difficult time for millions of people in our own country, not to mention worldwide. It has affected healthcare in ways that are immeasurable and more impactful than most any other industry. Front line workers have described feeling beyond burnout—many describing a sense of numbness. The continual changes in healthcare delivery, the risks of contracting Covid and its variants, the backup of appointments, the frustration of patients who are experiencing scheduling issues, employee and provider turnover, depression and mental health issues, political dissension, and the conflicting information permeating the environment have all contributed to the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.

Beal, M.Ed., Danna


Danna Beal, M.Ed.

Workplace Environment

November 9, 2021

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