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Management and Rehabilitation of Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

First few Article Sentences

As a society, we have been enduring life in a pandemic for over half a year. Though we have been feeling the effects of COVID-19 for a long time, medically speaking the disease is still very new to us. It is important to remember that our knowledge is still developing regarding the virus and much remains unknown—specifically the long-term effects of the disease.

There is a common misconception that once a patient infected with COVID has a negative test, the issue is resolved. It is often repeated that according to the World Health Organization, about 80% of COVID-19 infections are mild or asymptomatic, and patients typically recover after two weeks (Carfì, Bernabei, & Landi, 2020).

Yet there are tens of thousands of people who have joined support groups on Slack and Facebook, who call themselves “long-termers” or “long-haulers” who are wrestling with serious COVID-19 symptoms a month or more after being infected with the disease (Yong, 2020).

Choudhury, Dr. Seleem R.


Seleem R. Choudhury


November 2, 2020

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