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Working During a Pandemic: Relationships Are the Key

First few Article Sentences

Coping in a pandemic is a skill in which we have not been trained, nor have we experienced an event of this worldwide magnitude in our lifetime. Healthcare, the essential service needed to deal with this health crisis, has had an inordinate amount of responsibility and has been required to shoulder so much throughout the country in a multitude of ways. New information, new discoveries, new guidelines are contributing to a constant sense of, “What’s next?”

In addition, people everywhere are experiencing an underlying and pervasive level of anxiety because we are in the realm of the unknown. Humans are comfortable with the status quo and most people do not relish change, unless initiated by themselves. The nation has been rocked during this time of uncertainty, causing real issues, both individually and collectively, to bubble to the surface. Much needed changes are being brought to the forefront, but not without resistance and division. The current protests around the country, political battles, and interruptions in schools and businesses have all greatly increased apprehension. Essential guidelines such as masks, staying-at-home, and social distancing, though necessary, have created feelings of isolation, loss, fatigue, sadness, and fear. The financial impact is still immeasurable. We are experiencing growing disruptions to our normal way of life, life as we have known it.

Beal, M.Ed., Danna


Danna Beal, M.Ed.


August 4, 2020

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