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Maintaining an Effective and Low Cost Compliance Program for Rural Hospitals Rose, Stephen DewBerry,  Carla, M.
Hospital Medicare Reimbursement: Moving to Reimbursement Based on Quality of Care Rose, Stephen DewBerry,  Carla, M.
Government Budget Deficits Triggering Increased Provider Audits Herbert, Donna Davis-Fleming, MS, FACHE, FHFMA,  Joe
Boost Your Critical Access Hospital Bottom Line with Swing Bed Designation Herbert, Donna Davis-Fleming, MS, FACHE, FHFMA,  Joe
How Benchmarking Can Help Your Facility Achieve Financial Wellness Herbert, Donna Davis-Fleming, MS FACHE, FHFMA,  Joe
Shifting Standards: Washington’s Regulation of Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures Kenny, Dana Cross,  Danielle
Barriers to Care Removed, but State Obstacles Still in Place: The Future of Telemedicine in Washington State Kenny, Dana Cross,  Danielle
Sub-specialization in Anatomic Pathology Drives Consolidation and Quality Howard, M.D., Ph.D., Don Cooke,  Pat
Information Technology and the New Pathology “Supergroup”: A Regional Model for the Delivery of Pathology Healthcare in the 21st Century Howard, M.D., Ph.D., Don Cooke,  Pat
Seventh Circuit Declines to Adopt “Worthless Services” FCA Theory Shu, Pamela Cohn,  Jonathon
The Broadening Definition of Elder Abuse Cohn, Jonathon E. Chang Lee,  Annie
Keeping ICE Out of the Workplace: An Update in I-9 Compliance Curran, Keelin Burt,  Alena
Preventing Front-Office Fraud in Your Medical Practice Laubauch, Lori Boyd,  Marcy
Four Focus Areas for Effective Board Governance Conner, Brian Blakey  John
Recruiting and Employing Foreign Nationals in Health Care Settings, Key Issues and Best Practices Cooper, Esq., Richard S. Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq.  Isabelle