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CMS Expands Medicare Payment for Behavioral Health Services Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
U.S. Office for Civil Rights Announces $400 Million Settlement Against Large Health System Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Recruiting and Employing Foreign Nationals in Health Care Settings, Key Issues and Best Practices Cooper, Esq., Richard S. Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq.  Isabelle
Disturbing Trends in Enforcement Suggest Keeping Sales and Marketing In-House Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Phase 2 HIPAA Audits are Coming Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
OIG Updates Criteria for Exclusion from Federal Health Care Programs Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
DOJ Cybersecurity Unit Releases Updated Best Practices for Victim Response and Cyber Incident Reporting Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Errors & Omissions Insurance: What Managed Care Organizations Must Know Couch, Steve  
Poliner v. Texas Health Systems: Confirming Peer Review Immunity Crisera, Jennifer Gannon  
The Great Wall of CHNA: Interpreting New IRS Guidance for Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Hospital Districts Croghan, Richard Rebay,  Karl
Snuffing Out Employee Tobacco Use: The Trend Towards No-Nicotine Hiring Policies Curran, Keelin Jones,  Karin
Family Leave and Attendance Policies: Can They Coexist in Healthcare Facilities? Curran, Keelin Swedlow,  Daniel
Keeping ICE Out of the Workplace: An Update in I-9 Compliance Curran, Keelin Burt,  Alena
Attendance Really Is Essential: The Ninth Circuit Confirms That Hospital Attendance Policies Need Not Be Ignored Under the ADA Curran, Kellin, A. Jones,  Karin, D.
Employers Take Note: Federal Benefit Legislation Impacting Employer-Sponsored Programs Curtice, Melanie, K.