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Pathology & Partnership in Personalized Medicine Cooke, Pat Howard, MD, PhD,  Donald
HHS Proposes Changes to the Medicare Wage Index System Storey, CPA, Cheryl Holden, CPA,  Paul
Bundled Payments: A Meaningful and Middle-Ground Solution Letts, Barbara Holden,  Paul
Helping Health Care Payers Improve Claim-Payment Accuracy Adams, Paul Hodges,  Deanna
Mid-Year Health Care Compliance Trends: Five Areas for Consideration and Focus Rifenbark, Rick Ho,  Melissa
Is Your Revenue Cycle Prepared for Coverage Expansion? Taylor, Meg Hayward,  Lindsay
Finding Executive Talent for Rural Healthcare Providers Whiteside, Don Haskins,  Sandy
Lifestyle Funds: Target Date and Risk-Based Investment Options for 401(k) and 403(b) Plans Small, William Harris,  Ward
Retirement Plan Management: A Brave New World of Compliance Small, William Harris,  Ward
Possible Stark Violation? What Providers Should Do Now Rambosek, Theresa, J. Grembowski,  Megan, E.
Social Media: New Opportunities and Headaches Bottomly, Leslie Feldman,  Kathy
Hospital CEO Must Report Plea Bargains Montgomery, Greg Engel,  Madeline
Seattle Children’s New Employee Health and Wellness Center Producing “Remarkable Results” Hurwitz, Steven Enderlein,  Mary-Clayton
Weingarten Rights – Unionized Employees’ Right to a Representative in Investigatory Interviews Rowan, Daniel L. Duckworth,  J. Chris
Maintaining an Effective and Low Cost Compliance Program for Rural Hospitals Rose, Stephen DewBerry,  Carla, M.