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Healthcare Management Gains Ground with GIS Services Roe, Gareth Lunde,  Derek
HIPAA Version 5010: Staying Ahead of the Curve Blakey, John Lewis,  Richard
A Crystal Ball for Health Care: Feasibility Studies Can Help Elucidate Major Decisions Rebay, Karl Lewis  Josh
Washington’s Expanded Domestic Partnership Law: What Employers Need to Know Barbier, Margaret, L. Lennon,  Erin, L.
Federal Healthcare Reform Begins for Health Plans Bye, Howard Lennon,  Erin
Health Care Reform: New IRS Guidance on W-2 Reporting of Health Care Coverage Bye, Howard Lennon,  Erin
Health Care Reform’s Big Impact on HR Lees, Judd, H. Kuang,  KoKo
The Risks and Rewards of Healthcare Facility Construction Hartzel, CIA, Sharon Komoto, CIA, CHC,  Shirley
Is Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyberattacks? Find Out with a Red Team Penetration Assessment Villanueva, Kevin King  John
Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock! Young, Rachel Kelly,  Jade
Snuffing Out Employee Tobacco Use: The Trend Towards No-Nicotine Hiring Policies Curran, Keelin Jones,  Karin
Attendance Really Is Essential: The Ninth Circuit Confirms That Hospital Attendance Policies Need Not Be Ignored Under the ADA Curran, Kellin, A. Jones,  Karin, D.
Risks to Hospital Employees Due to EMTALA Requirements Haydel Gehrke, Michele Jackson,  Garrett
To Merge or Not to Merge: How to Prepare for this Decision Wales, CFA, Harman Hurst,  Roberta
Meaningful Guidance Helps Healthcare Providers Reach Meaningful Use in WA and ID with the WIREC Program Evans, PhD, CPHIT, Peggy Hummel, MD, MPH,  Jeff