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As Hospitals Trend Toward Employee Physicians, What Are the Employment Law Consequences? Vestal, Josephine, B. Peters,  Sharon
Are Self-Funding Health Plans on the Rise Because of Health Care Reform? Norris, William Orejudos,  Francis
Maximizing Value from Purchased Services Norris, William Orejudos,  Francis
Keeping Costs Down on Self-Funded Health Care Plans Norris, William Orejudos,  Francis
How To Optimize Real Estate Decisions – RE Execution Timelines vs. Annual Budget Cycles Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul Nguyen,  Dang
Puget Sound First Quarter 2016 Healthcare Real Estate Overview Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul Nguyen,  Dang
Does Your Organization Have a Strategic Real Estate Roadmap in Place? Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul Nguyen  Dang
Pharmacy Carve-In: The Benefit of Integrated Benefits Wells, ASA, Pamela Ness,  Daniel
Dialysis Provider EMR System Delivers Efficiencies, Improves Quality of Care McCann, RD, CSR, Linda Muza,  Sergey
Board Governance: The Fun is Just Beginning Walerius, Robert Moriarty,  Casey
Improving the Health of Community Hospitals: Is Affiliation an Option? Walerius, Robert Moriarty,  Casey
Final Regulations Issued on the Washington Domestic Violence Leave Act Stahlfeld, Susan Moriarty,  Casey
How Deal-Makers Are Capitalizing on Health Care Analytics Rebay, Karl McDonald  Jeff
Credentialing: The Cornerstone of a Health Care Organization’s Enterprise Risk Management Program Muellenberg, Erin McAteer,  Ryan
Ransomware Attack on California Hospital Puts Providers on Alert for New Threats to Health Information Cohen, Samuel, C. Manning,  Alex