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Seattle Childrens Linking Pay with Performance Hurwitz, Steven Stoeckle,  Tom
Health Care's Digital Age: Meaningful Use Criteria and EHR Incentive Revenue Conner, Brian Stelzriede, CPA  Stacy
Bringing it all Together: Successful Revenue Cycle Management During Health Care Affiliations Hughes, Sheri Stark  Denise
Washington Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (WASCA) Promotes Collaboration to Reduce Health Costs Portuese, MD, William Simons, RN, BSN, CASC,  Susan
NLRB Takes Exceptional Steps to Encourage & Support Union Organizing Lynch, Matt Sebris,  Bob
State Medicaid Rate Cuts: Legal Challenges and Possible Solutions Madden, Michael Scott,  Jill B.
Is Your Practice Making Value-Based Decisions? Barnett, Irv Santizo,  Beth
HIPAA Civil Money Penalties: Is There A Limit? Studebaker, Emily, R Rose,  Stephen, D
How to Prepare for a Data Breach in Healthcare Reph, Michael Roberts,  Ryan
Health Care After the Supreme Court Decision: Establishing and Operating State Exchanges Rivard, Chris Rebay,  Karl
The Great Wall of CHNA: Interpreting New IRS Guidance for Tax-Exempt Hospitals and Hospital Districts Croghan, Richard Rebay,  Karl
What Your Hospital Needs to Know to Comply with 501(r) and Reduce the Risk of Costly IRS Penalties Wright, CIA, CPA, Mary Ramires, CPA  Colleen
Accountable Care Organizations and the Future of Healthcare Rivard, Chris Pritchard,  Chris
Puget Sound Healthcare Real Estate: Pulse of the Market Carr, Paul Preovich,  Steve
Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Coming Soon to Washington: Are You Ready to Handle Medical Record Request Audits? Knack, Mary Re Peterson,  Arissa, M.