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Errors & Omissions Insurance: What Managed Care Organizations Must Know Couch, Steve  
Why Benchmark?: How Medical Practices Can Use Benchmarking to “Raise the Bar” Nolan, MHA, FACMPE, Crystal  
Electronic Medical Records: Friend or Foe? Janes, Carol Sue  
Community Health Center La Clinica: Playing a Foundational Role in Keeping Our Community Healthy Walters II, Carl, I.  
Human Resources in the New World - Globalization, Technology and Outsourcing Fisher, Daniel, W.  
Finding What Does Work in Healthcare Brooks, David  
Money and Medicine: How Better Financial and Retirement Planning Can Benefit Physicians - and Their Practice Gaffney, Dan  
OIG Holds Hospital Boards Accountable on Fraud Audits Herbert, Donna  
Essentials of Provider Reimbursement: Inpatient Hospital Johnson, FHFMA, Dwight  
Proper Website Organization Will Attract New Patients Morgan, Don  
Are You Really Listening to Your Patients? Morgan, Don  
Washington Hospitals Report Strong Margins Through September 30, 2009 Peel, David  
Where to Find the Perfect Practice Manager Peel, David  
HITECH Health Reform: Health IT Funding, HIPAA 2.0 and the Impact of the HITECH Act Schoolcraft, David, G.  
Recovery Audit Contractors Are Not Going Away… Will Your Facility Survive the Assault? Herbert, Donna