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Welcome to the Healthcare News Library of Healthcare Management Articles! This is where you will find articles that were published in prior editions of the Healthcare News. Articles are initially sorted by last date published. Click on title headings to sort in ascending or decending order. Search for results using the search bar.

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Here Comes the Flood Garner, Craig  
Practice Stability and Consistency are Vital to Success Ferkovic, R. Ph., MS, Thomas  
Does California Really Need Another Medical School? Molina, Dr. J. Mario  
Should You Be Texting Your Patients? Donovan, Danielle  
Overcoming Burnout: Recharging, Reenergizing and Restoring Your Power Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Unintended Consequences: Dynamex and California Health Care Employers Fisch, Gregg Bell  Chris
New Washington State Law Upsets Noncompetition Covenants in the Health Care Community Campbell, Luke  
Drugmakers Master Rolling Out Their Own Generics To Stifle Competition Hancock, Jay Lupkin,  Sydney
Only 16% of U.S. Children Complete HPV Vaccination by Age 13 Cleveland, Clinic  
Five Tips to Protect Your Company from Data Breaches Hawes, Troy Jon  King
Thinking Outside the Excel Spreadsheet: Healing the Workplace Culture Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
The Insanity of Treating the Insane Garner, Craig B.  
How Optional is Optional? The Interim Payment Assessment under the Patient Driven Payment Model Ellie, Tucker Bragg  Hemme
The Who, Where, Why and What You Should Do Next with the California DMHC's Expanded Licensing and Exemption Requirements Ehnes, Esq., Cindy Miller  Allen
Enlightened Healthcare Leadership: Creating an Environment of Trust and Compassion Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Analysts Said Healthcare Employment Would Decline - Instead, It Exploded Henderson, Ralph  
A Successful Practice Needs a Team That Makes Things Happen Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas  
How to Protect Your Organization and Increase Vaccination Rates Donovan, CPHRM, Danielle  
Beverly Hospital (Montebello, CA) Expands Emergency Care Center Chan, MD, FACEP, Joseph L.  
Medicare Shared Savings Program Changes Bring Incentives to Form Accountable Care Organizations Kyrimis, Deanna  
Short-Staffed Nursing Homes See Drop In Medicare Ratings Rau, Jordan Lucas  Elizabeth
California Expands Licensing Requirements for Risk-bearing Organizations Rebay, Karl  
Enlightened Healthcare Leadership: Creating an Environment of Trust and Compassion Beal, M. Ed., Danna  
A Light in the Storm: Section 1135(b) Waivers During Disaster or Emergency Avakian, Sara Tucker,  Elizabeth
Infecting the Hippocratic Oath Garner, Craig B.  
What Are Your Three Most Important Decisions Kerkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas  
How to Build Cost Effective Senior Living Facilities Kot, Nicholas Reph,  Michael
Cities And Counties Unlikely To Heed FDA Warning On Importing Foreign Drugs Galewitz, Phil  
New Revenue Recognition Standard Creates Additional Disclosure Requirements for Hospitals Pulver, CPA, Joelle Jackson, CPA,  Kate
2019 Health Care Trends and Critical Success Factors for Health Systems Miller, Allen Ehnes  Cindy
Five Considerations for Employer Layoffs/Reductions in Force Cooper, Esq., Richard S. Conley,  Karina
Utah and Idaho Lawmakers Seek To Scale Back Voter-Approved Medicaid Expansions Galewitz, Phil  
Keep Physician Compensation Contracts in Compliance to Avoid Stark Law Violations Swartley, Calvin  
How to Spell Health Care Without R-E-F-O-R-M Garner, Craig B.  
New Criminal Penalties Included in Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018 (EKRA) Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
After Bitter Closure, Rural Texas Hospital Defies The Norm And Reopens Huff, Charlotte  
Take Your Organization to the Next Level with Outsourced Accounting and Finance Functions Bell, CPA, Chris Kammer  Larry
Survival is Adapting to our Patient's Expectations Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas  
Managing Healthcare Provider Reviews and Your Online Presence Howard, Torri L.  
Poverty and Public Health Baackes, John  
Is Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyberattacks? Find Out with a Red Team Penetration Assessment Villanueva, Kevin King  John
Maximizing Revenue and Relationships in the Age of Patient Consumerism Eggert, Brian  
DOJ Cybersecurity Unit Releases Updated Best Practices for Victim Response and Cyber Incident Reporting Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Quick: What's The Difference Between Medicare-For-All and Single-Payer? Young, Samantha  
Nonphysician Practitioners and ACO Exclusivity Hindman, Rick  
Medicare Advantage Plans Shift Their Financial Risk To Doctors Galewitz, Phil  
Why Culture Matters: Are Leaders Unknowingly Depleting the Energy of the Workforce? Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
What to do About Broken Garner, Craig B.  
Star Date 2020: What Will Your Office Look Like? Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas  
Your Volunteer Program - Addressing Organizational Liability Hall, Sharon  
Music and Motion Picture Licensing for Healthcare Providers: It Pays to Play Borovay, Paul  
Granny Cam Laws: The Right to the Device Versus the Right to Privacy Pugh, Sara  
Health Care's Latest Pi$$ing Contest Garner, Craig B.  
The Impact of C-SSRS (Columbia - Suicidal Severity Rating Scale) Usage on Quality of Care in John George Psychiatric Hospital (San Leandro, CA): a Medical Care Evaluation Study Omolewa, RN, PhD, Pius Tribble, PsyD, LCSW,  Karyn L.
Taking Advantage of Payor Contracts: Pitfalls of Hospital Pass-Through Billing Arrangements Cooper, Richard S. Beasley,  Donna M.
Health Care in F Minor Garner, Craig B.  
What Your Hospital Needs to Know to Comply with 501(r) and Reduce the Risk of Costly IRS Penalties Wright, CIA, CPA, Mary Ramires, CPA  Colleen
Mid-Year Health Care Compliance Trends: Five Areas for Consideration and Focus Rifenbark, Rick Ho,  Melissa
#UsToo: Sexual Harassment in Healthcare Hall, Sharon  
Federal and Commercial Payor Medical Record Requests are Important – Don’t Dismiss Them! Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Artificial Intelligence in Your Practice Ferkovic, R.Ph., MS, Thomas  
Puget Sound First Quarter 2018 Real Estate Wrap-Up Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul  
As Proton Centers Struggle, A Sign Of A Health Care Bubble? Hancock, Jay  
Community Leaders, and Telemedicine, Can Help Narrow the Gap in Minority Men’s Health Modlin, Charles  
Think You're HIPAA Compliant? You May Not Be - and Even If You Are, It May Not Be Enough to Protect Patient Data Villanueva, Kevin Gunter  Brandon
Medicare Claims for Outpatient Physical Therapy Services Often Fail to Comply with Requirements Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Social Media and HIPAA: What Are You Doing to Mitigate Your Risks? Bonjean, Abby Caya  Ginamarie
Molina Healthcare Exploring Safer Solutions to Managing Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder Gough, MD, Frances  
When Hospitals Give Until It Hurts Garner, Craig B.  
Blockchain Technology Offers Unlimited Possibilities to Improve Healthcare Krizanic, Sarah  
New OIG Report Recommends Medicare Contractors Recover More Than $66M in Improper Payments Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Revolutionizing Health Care with Lean Management Rona, J. Michael  
How Much Medical Malpractice Insurance Should You Purchase? Chesemore, Jim  
Coding Errors May Render Receivables Uncollectible Wentland, Adam  
Puget Sound Fourth Quarter 2017 Real Estate Wrap-Up Carr, CCIM/MBA, Paul  
Key Trends in 2018 for Health Care Organizations Moving to Value-based Payment and Population Health Management Miller, Allen  
Promising Early Results on the Road to Whole Person Care Lindberg, LICW, Julie  
Challenges to Overcome to Operate an Effective Healthcare Organization Gorbatov, PMP, Sergey  
CMS's Targeted Probe and Educate ("TPE") Program - Get Counsel Involved Early! Cooper, Esq., Richard  
Climate Change and Human Health Auerbach MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM, FAAEM, Paul  
D.C. Circuit Court Clarifies Conclusion Regarding a Laboratory's Determination of Medical Necessity Cooper, Esq., Richard  
Kickbacks in the Age of The Internet Newborn, Akiva  
The Upside to Broken Garner, Craig  
Final Regulations Issued for Washington's Paid Sick Leave Law, Effective January 1, 2018 Lawelss, Shannon  
Credentialing: The Cornerstone of a Health Care Organization's Enterprise Risk Management Program Muellenberg, Erin McAteer,  Ryan
Audits - Trends and Action Steps to Mitigate Exposure Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
How Incivility in the Workplace Negatively Impacts the Patient Experience Ore, Gina W.  
Time to Refine Your BAA - Don't Follow the Flock! Young, Rachel Kelly,  Jade
Government Investigations Prompted by the "Opioid Crisis": Beware and take care. Novak, Edward F.  
A Place for Death In Health Care Garner, Craig B.  
Common Gaps in Disability Insurance Sorenson, Janae  
Is an 8 and 80 Overtime Schedule Right for my Facility? Cole, Carmen J.  
OCR's HIPAA Breach "Wall of Shame" Breaks 2,000 Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Design Brings Change, Leveraging the Opportunity Gregory, AIA, Kent  
I-9 Forms: Something New, Something Old, but the Same Liabilities Paget, Joel H.  
Mobile Devices and Applications are Transforming Clinical Practice Krizanic, Sarah  
Hospitals Need to be Aware of the New Partnership Audit Rules Cooper, Esq., Richard S.  
Risks to Hospital Employees Due to EMTALA Requirements Haydel Gehrke, Michele Jackson,  Garrett
Moving On: Thoughts on Bettering American Health Care Baackes, John  
How Deal-Makers Are Capitalizing on Health Care Analytics Rebay, Karl McDonald  Jeff