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Welcome to the Healthcare News Library of Healthcare Management Articles! This is where you will find articles that were published in prior editions of the Healthcare News. Articles are initially sorted by last date published. Click on title headings to sort in ascending or decending order. Search for results using the search bar.

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What’s Next in Health Care Reimbursement? Lucas, Eric Riter,  Richard
Strategic Planning and Construction in Turbulent Times for Hospitals Bacchetti, CIA, CCA, Stephen Conner  Brian
Protect Health Data: SOC Controls, HIPAA, and HITRUST Compliance Intersect Hurst, Mark Hawes,  Troy
Profound Leadership: Lessons from Rodney Edward Gannon Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Bringing Light and Love to the Workplace Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Pandemics and Placebos in Health Care Garner, Craig  
New Medicare and Medicaid Payment Model Announced for Primary Care Providers Rebay, CPA, Karl Green,  Georgia
Talent Acquisition Strategies for Human Capital Management Addis, Brett  
Hospital Price Transparency: CMS Steps up Enforcement Riter, Richard  
How Health Care Organizations Can Use the New Markets Tax Credit Tong, CPA, Kinman Alderton, JD,  Benjamin
The Hidden Block to a Positive Culture Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Washington Legal Decision Clarifies Insurance B&O Tax Exemption Opportunity Griffiths, Shane  
The Florida (and Possibly National) Nursing Diploma Scandal: Steps for Providers to Minimize Exposure Weinstein, David S.  
Key Considerations: Management Services Organization Tax and Fee Structures Grannum, Rob Buhl  Sarah
Omnibus Funding Bill Will Impact Behavioral Health Care Jackson, Kate Bonnar,  Sarah
No Pit Stop For Health Care Garner, Craig B.  
Illuminating the Path to Personal Freedom and Satisfaction Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
5 Regulatory Issues for Physician Groups to Watch in 2023 Emper, JD, MBA, Chris  
Leading Calmly in Challenging Times Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Keep Your Eyes on These Four Health Data Advancements in 2023 Galvez, Erica  
CA SB 184: Implications for Health Care Access, Pricing, and Transactions Rebay, Karl Omi,  Joanna
Health Care's Elusive Simplicity Garner, Craig B.  
Refresh Your Viewpoint: Update Your Perspective of the Workplace Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Understanding the Nuances of the No Surprises Act Good Faith Estimates Laubach, Lori Mori,  Mandy
2023 Medicare PFS Proposed Rulemaking Contains Major Updates for ACOs Rebay, Karl Green  Georgia
Sometimes It's Not About What You Tell Your Patients, But How You're Saying It Fausch, Ph.D., Miluna  
New CMS Rule, Coding, and Compliance for Behavioral Health and Telehealth Laubach, Lori Butler  Sabrina
Balance Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Blameless Disconnect by SCOTUS Garner, Craig B.  
How Internal Audits Help Organizations Grow and Adapt to Change Emmons, Jason Nelson  Weston
Evidence-Based Solutions to Help Prevent Physician Burnout Pittenger, MD, Kim  
Finding Relief from a Toxic Workplace: Why We Must Shine a Light on this Difficult Problem Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Why Healthcare Companies Must Navigate Muddy Waters of ESG Requirements Salahuddin, Rashida  
CMS Redesigns Direct Contracting into an Equity-Focused ACO Model Rebay, Karl Green,  Georgia
Society and the Proverbial Squirrel Garner, Craig B.  
How We Create Rivals: What I Learned in an Accidental Meeting Beal, M. Ed., Danna Beal, M. Ed. 
Hospital Industry Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges in 2022 and Beyond Conner, Brian  
4 Trends to Watch in 2022 for California's Health Data Progress Williams, Claudia  
Key Updates to Review to Prepare for the No Surprises Act Mori, Mandy Stark,  Denise
Rebuild, Renew, and Reenergize in 2022 Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Considerations for COVID-19 Accelerated and Advance Payment (CAAP) Recoupments Mori, Mandy Stark  Denise
Children of the Covid Garner, Craig B.  
Best Practices for Employers to Combat Claims-Related Health Care Fraud Norris, Will Orejudos,  Francis
Uplifting Yourself and Others During Tumultuous Times Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Do You Ignite Passion in Those You Lead? Take this Quiz Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
$25.5 Billion in Additional Provider Relief Fund Distribution Announced Scott, Melaney Venkateswaran,  Aparna
How to Integrate Cybersecurity with Your IT and Internal Audit Teams Fineberg, Steve Kevin  Villanueva
Health Care Waves the White Flag Garner, Craig  
What the No Surprises Act Means for Patients, Providers, and Payers Mori, Mandy Stark,  Denise
HHS Releases Provider Relief Fund Revised Reporting Requirements and Opens Portal Venkateswaran, Aparna Scott,  Melaney
How medical practices can prepare for the post-COVID boom Pastoor, MD, Sara Harrison  Adam
New Health Plan Financial Reports for California, Ohio and Washington State Peel, David  
Leadership in Uncertain and Changing Times Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
CMS Publishes FY 2022 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System Proposed Rule Holden, Paul Newell  Michael
A Little Faith Can Be Contagious Garner, Craig B.  
Strategies to Alleviate Inbox Burdens Erupting During COVID-19 Pittenger, MD, Kim  
The Remedy for Conflict in the Workplace and the World: LOVE Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Keeping up with Clinical Risk Management Donovan, Danielle  
COVID-19 Financial Recovery: Leverage Your Workforce to Prepare for the Future Roelfsema, MBA, Frances Van Gelder, RN, MBA  Bob
As Families Defer Pediatric Doctor Visits, Scoliosis Diagnoses May Be Missed Roberto, MD, Rolando  
The Importance of Resolution-Centered Customer Care in the Healthcare Industry Watkins, Becky  
Overcome Telemedicine Challenges as Virtual Care Becomes Widespread Pittenger, MD, Kim  
Scaling Telehealth to Enable Care Continuity in Pediatric Cardiology During the COVID-19 Pandemic Haskell, MBA, MHSA, Tara Morrison,  Kori
Debunking the Fallacy that Kids Aren't Seriously Affected by COVID-19 Brodsky, MD, Michael  
The Lessons I Learned from Bob Beale Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Love in the Time of Covid-19 Garner, Craig B.  
Group Health Plan Coverage of Covid-19 Immunizations Editorial, Staff  
Rebuild Perioperative Processes for Better Efficiency Pittenger, MD, Kim Hanson, MD,  James
Being a Leader of Strength and Humility Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Restore Safe, Accessible Care and Revive Preventive Services Omi, MPH, Joanna  
The SALT Physical for the Telemedicine Industry An Article Providing State & Local Tax Considerations for Telehealth Entities Van Arnum, JD, LLM, Cory Van Arnum Sarah  Buhl, CPA,
Management and Rehabilitation of Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Choudhury, Dr. Seleem R.  
The Dawn of the Dark Ages Garner, Craig B.  
HHS Releases Updates: CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements Laubach, Lori Venkateswaran, CPA,  Aparna
Retail newcomers are great for healthcare, but bad for health systems Gallagher, Pamela J.  
Five Ways to Know If the CMS CHART Model Community Transformation Track Is Right for You Tirado, MBA, MPA, Shanah Miller,  Allen
Racism and Health Equity in the Time of COVID-19 Baackes, John  
HHS Releases CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements Laubach, Lori Venkateswaran, CPA,  Aparna
New Laws for Classification of Independent Contractors Polishuk, Alex Derzakarian,  Armida
Steve Brown, Vice President, Account Executive, Parker Smith & Feek Why Physician Groups Need Directors & Officers Insurance Brown, Steve  
The Ultimate Sacrifice for Freedom Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Prepare for Provider Relief Fund Reporting and Single Audit Requirements Venkateswaran, CPA, Aparna Green, MS, CHFP,  Georgia
Tips to Prepare for the New Hospital Price Transparency Standard Green, MS, CHFP, Green Vincent, CHFP, CIA, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, MHA,  Dan
Working During a Pandemic: Relationships Are the Key Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Much Ado About Covid Garner, Craig B.  
Health care experts forecast how hospitals must prepare for the Post-Covid-19 Crisis – Six Things to Do Dougherty, FACHE, Tom Miller,  Allen
The Wage and Hour Implications of Having All Hands On Deck Polishuk, Alexander  
COVID-19 Grants and Funding Updates for the Health Care Sector Rebay, Karl Green,  Georgia
Helping Patients Overcome Fear to get Vital Care back on Track: Six Things to Do Dougherty, FACHE, Tom DuBois, DNP,  Elizabeth
7 Ways to Reduce Labor Costs - Without a Widespread Workforce Reduction Kim, David  
Finding Clarity and Courage in the Unknown: One Day at a Time Beal, M.Ed., Danna  
Navigating Through Health and Mental Health Challenges in a COVID-19 Environment Feltz, John  
5 Ways to Shift from Fighting Fires to Emerging from COVID-19 Successfully Rebay, Karl Vercruysse,  Craig
Thinking Ahead: Preparing for a Post-COVID World Miller, Allen Khachatourians,  Sarin
On the Origin of Pandemic Garner, Craig B.  
COVID-19 FEMA Relief for California, Washington, and Oregon Health Care Rebay, Karl Green,  Georgia
COVID-19 and ER Reimbursement: Document, Document, Document! Wentland, Adam G.  
CA Hospitals May Significantly Benefit from Supplemental Reimbursement Program Conner, Brian Sokoloff,  Kimberly
Managing Populations through Crisis: Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Snyder, MD, FAAP, Andrew Tirado, MBA, MPA,  Shanah
11 Ways the CARES Act Impacts Health Care Organizations Bell, Chris