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David Kim, Partner, Moss Adams

7 Ways to Reduce Labor Costs - Without a Widespread Workforce Reduction

By David Kim
Moss Adams Health Care Consulting Practice

COVID-19 has put an unprecedented financial strain on health care organizations. To exacerbate matters, these institutions already face razor-thin margins as many hospitals are relying on non-operating and investment income to survive. To achieve financial stability, it may be necessary for organizations to cut operating costs quickly, which can be difficult and painful. Labor cost reductions in particular are hard to achieve and sustain, but important to manage; they still represent the single largest category of expense in a hospital—above 50% of total operating expenses, according to the Healthcare Management Financial Association. Read article
Hospital Emergency Sign

Finding Clarity and Courage in the Unknown: One Day at a Time

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.
International Speaker Author and Coach

We have all been impacted during this global pandemic in ways we could never have imagined. Healthcare has been severely hit during these unfolding days, weeks, and months. We owe our continuing gratitude for the selflessness, courage, and sacrifice of so many people in all aspects of healthcare delivery. It has taken a toll on everyone, both here and around the world. How we emerge from all this is still evolving and lies in the realm of the unknown. Based on my experience with thousands of people, the unknown is cited as their greatest fear.  Read article
Hospital Emergency Sign

Navigating Through Health and Mental Health Challenges in a COVID-19 Environment

By John Feltz
Vice President and Regional Benefits Director, Parker Smith & Feek

On the many calls and Zoom meetings I am having with friends, the inevitable question asked early in the conversation is simply, “How are you doing?” The intent isn’t to see if we have Covid-19; it is a recognition that this new environment is having a significant emotional impact on us all. It’s code. The expected response is that we are “not okay.” The hope on the other end of the line is that we will ask the question in return so that they can share that they are also “not okay.” Strangely enough, it turns out that being “not okay” right now is actually okay.  Read article
Executive Looking Out Office Window at Sunset

Thinking Ahead: Preparing for a Post-COVID World

By Allen Miller, Principal, COPE Health Solutions
By Sarin Khachatourians, Senior Consultant, COPE Health Solutions

As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel amidst what will likely be only the first wave of Covid-19 infections and economic impacts, it becomes clearer that health care will be forever changed and that many strategies that had not been universally accepted will now be critical success factors going forward.  Read article

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