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Kevin Villanueva, Partner, Moss Adams Jon King, Manager, Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Is Your Organization Vulnerable to Cyberattacks? Find Out with a Red Team Penetration Assessment

By Kevin Villanueva
Partner, Moss Adams
By John King
Manager, Cybersecurity Consulting Services, Moss Adams

Viruses, data breaches, and hacking can result in more than just financial loss-they can jeopardize decades-long relationships and cause irreparable reputational damage.
As the frequency and strength of cyberattacks continues to evolve, organizations need to find innovative ways to prevent breaches and safeguard their most sensitive data. One effective method is to partake in a penetration assessment that’s tailored to their specific needs-testing their unique combination of systems, controls, and processes. Read article
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Maximizing Revenue and Relationships in the Age of Patient Consumerism

By Randy Blue M.Ed., CRCR, VP of Sales for the Western States
IC System

Maintaining financial stability is a challenge for any healthcare provider’s office, but especially in the industry’s current age of patient consumerism. The increases in regulation and the transparency of medical care processes have given rise to healthcare consumerism, wherein newly empowered patients have control over their healthcare experience. Along with shifting reimbursement strategies and the increased demand on patient financial responsibility, improving your bottom line has become even trickier. Read article
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DOJ Cybersecurity Unit Releases Updated Best Practices for Victim Response and Cyber Incident Reporting

By Richard S. Cooper, Esq., Member, McDonald Hopkins LLC

Last month, the Cybersecurity Unit of the Department of Justice released its updated Best Practices for Victim Response and Reporting of Cyber Incidents, which outlines recommended steps to prepare for and respond to cyber incidents. The guidance recommends certaun pre-planning steps before a cyber intrusion or attack occurs.  Read article
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Quick: What’s The Difference Between Medicare-For-All and Single-Payer?

By Samantha Young, California Politics Correspondent
California Healthline

Across the country, catchphrases such as "Medicare-for-all," "single-payer," "public option" and "universal health care" are sweeping state and federal political races as Democrats tap into voter anger about GOP efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act and erode protections for people with preexisting conditions. What is the difference?  Read article