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Young woman getting immunized by physician

Tips to Support Patients and Avoid Obstacles During Medicaid Redeterminations

By Michael Newell, Partner, Provider Reimbursement Health Care Consulting Services, Moss Adams
By Eric Lucas, Managing Director, Provider Reimbursement Health Care Consulting Services, Moss Adams
By Jonathan Mason, Director, Provider Reimbursement Health Care Consulting Services, Moss Adams
By Richard Riter, Director, Health Care Consulting Practice, Moss Adams

A national Medicaid eligibility redetermination process is underway in each state following the end of the public health emergency (PHE). The process is a massive undertaking for state health departments and will have significant implications for individuals eligible for Medicaid, as well as hospitals and other components of the health care delivery system. Of particular concern are high termination rates of coverage due to administration reasons, which can be devastating to patients. Read article
Man exchanging data using a keyboard

Are You Ready for the January 2024 CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Deadline?

By Bill Barcellona, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, America's Physician Groups
By Felix Su, Director of Health Policy, Manifest MedEx

2024 will undoubtedly be another year focused on advancing health and social services data sharing and connecting the California health ecosystem to transform care delivery in our state. We are already implementing CalAIM, which requires robust data sharing to achieve the goals of providing seamless care coordination for the most vulnerable of our Medi-Cal population. And next year, the state will ramp up its work in implementing the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) Data Exchange Framework (DxF), which requires most health organizations to sign a single statewide Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and exchange health data with each other throughout California by January 2024. Read article
Beautiful field of green grass at top of mountain

Welcome To Your Simulation

By Craig B. Garner,
Founder, Garner Health Law Corporation

We live on a flat Earth stuck inside a simulation leading us to believe our actions push the planet toward a cataclysmic event any day now. Escape is impossible as the firmament blocks us from above while Antarctica’s ice wall prevents travel to any of the twenty enlightened continents on the other side. This is the reality in which we exist, most likely fiction created by few yet disseminated to most through the magic of the World Wide Web. Read article
Mean boss standing over sitting employee and yelling

Are You a Bully Boss?

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.,
International Speaker, Author and Coach

Businesses, including healthcare, have followed a model of managing, measuring, and expanding financial capital as the method for increasing profitability. This model puts high pressure on the leaders which, in turn, pressures employees and destroys trust. High control and pressure that focuses primarily on the numbers limits and suppresses the full capacity of frontline service providers—doctors, nurses, therapists, administrative people, and everyone involved. And, unknowingly, treating people like numbers does not actually improve the companies’ profits. Read article
Looking at financial information while drinking coffee

Health Plan Financial Reports for California, Ohio and Washington State

By David Peel, Publisher and Editor
Healthcare News

We recently updated our financial reporting for health plans in California, Ohio and Washington State. Click on the links below to see the numbers.

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