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Dahlia Mak, Managing Partner, Lean Health Care Practice, Moss Adams

How to Combat Coronavirus Operations Complications

By Dahlia Mak
Managing Partner, Lean Health Care Practice
Moss Adams

The coronavirus (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, and it has disrupted the global health community, sparking immediate concerns for all types of health care organizations. With more than 438,100 global cases known at the time of publication—and approximately 59,000 of those in the United States—your organization should be asking important questions, including the following: Read article
Group of business meeting at a meeting

COVID-19: How Hospitals and Health Systems Can Brace For a Pandemic

By Allen Miller, Principal & CEO, COPE Health Solutions
By Elizabeth DuBois, DNP, FNP-BC, AAHIVS, Vice President, COPE Health Solutions
By Margaret Peterson, PhD, Executive Consultant, COPE Health Solutions
On March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the novel coronavirus, making $50 billion available for aid. This includes a requirement for all hospitals to enact their emergency preparedness/operations plans while lifting some regulatory barriers to care delivery that might impede successful crisis response.  Read article
Business Woman Looking Outside her Office Windown

Freedom in the Workplace: Is Hidden Guilt Limiting Your Confidence and Happiness?

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.
International Speaker, Author and Coach

Suzanne, a highly respected and accomplished Chief HR Officer in a large prestigious hospital, carried a deep secret that had burdened her for years. She had earned her way up to this C-level position through hard work and fervent dedication, gaining vast experience as HR director in several hospitals prior to the Chief HR position. But Suzanne was haunted by the fact that she hadn’t completed her bachelor’s degree. Although she had told her bosses the truth and was promoted and hired anyway, the employees naturally assumed she was a college graduate. So, whenever the common subject of education or related issues were in the discussion, a sinking sense of dread and unworthiness came over her. Due to her hidden feelings of guilt, she compensated by being the first one to arrive at work, the last one to leave, the one to dutifully volunteer, and was always overprepared for every project. She rarely took a lunch break and simply ate while working at her desk. She unconsciously believed that if she worked so diligently, she would prove she was invaluable, somehow making up for her lack of a certificate. She ultimately sacrificed much of her personal life to avoid being exposed. Despite her excellent work she always felt like an imposter.  Read article
Physician Working at His Desk

Medical Malpractice Liability and the Changing Market

By Torri Howard
Vice President, Account Executive, Parker Smith & Feek

Over the last decade or more, the healthcare industry has been in what is considered a soft market. Decreasing premiums, flexible underwriting, and an abundance of capacity have insurers looking to expand their market share by growing their book of business. Often, insurers would outbid or underprice an account to win the business. While many in the insurance industry over the last two years have seen rising rates, diminished capacity, and strict underwriting practices, especially in the property and automobile lines, the medical malpractice insurance has remained relatively unaffected by the hardening market until recently. There are signs that market conditions are firming substantially with some tough years yet to come. Read article

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