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By Danna Beal, M.Ed., International Speaker, Author and Coach

Why Culture Matters: Are Leaders Unknowingly Depleting the Energy of the Workforce?

By Danna Beal, M.Ed.
International Speaker
Author and Coach

Healthcare, by its very nature, is based on compassion and caring for others. A compassionate and cooperative culture is required to deliver services that ensure patient satisfaction, patient safety, good outcomes, efficient services, and clear communications. Unfortunately, workplace cultures are often a web of egos that are battling and competing for power, managers disempowering employees, and co-workers hurting and sabotaging one another. The fearful environment is fraught with reactions and counter-reactions. Gallup’s poll on the State of the American Workplace reports a 68% rate of employee disengagement with “The Boss from Hell” stated as a common reason. Working in a wide variety of healthcare environments, I have seen workplace dysfunction in epidemic proportions. The percentage of people in healthcare describing symptoms of a toxic workplace is alarming. Imagine what it would do to the bottom line if engagement could be increased by 10%, 20%, 30% or more. These are not unrealistic goals, but awareness and understanding of authentic, heartfelt leadership must be a top priority. Read article
Dinner plate broken in two pieces

What to do About Broken

By Craig B. Garner, Founder
Garner Health Law Corporation

An adjective, the word “broken” encompasses a multitude of meanings, most of which identify a magnitude of concern, while very few provide comfort. Recognizing that which is broken often remains elusive, creating a daunting challenge when facing this dangerous combination. Even when a solution presents itself, the ability to surrender remains a most formidable foe. Navigating through this labyrinth, individually and as a society, is also sometimes referred to as “life.” Read article
Physician assistant wtih doctor

Nonphysician Practitioners and ACO Exclusivity

By Rick Hindman, Member
McDonald Hopkins LLC

The exclusivity restrictions of the Medicare Shared Savings Program pose challenges for physician practices that employ nurse practitioners, physician assistants or certified nurse specialists1 and desire to participate in multiple accountable care organizations. Alternatives are available to avoid ACO exclusivity but often require careful planning. This Alert describes ACO exclusivity principles with particular focus on implications and workarounds for group practices that employ nonphysician practitioners.  Read article
Doctor examined by physician assistant

Medicare Advantage Plans Shift Their Financial Risk To Doctors

By Phil Galewitz, Senior Correspondent
Kaiser Health News

The "full-risk" or "global risk" model of care is increasingly used by Medicare plans such as Humana and UnitedHealthcare to shift their financial exposure from costly patients to physician-management companies. It gives the doctors’ groups more money upfront and control over patient care. Read article